Hornby R3316 S&DJR 4-4-0 Fowler 2P Class OO Gauge


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Sir Henry Fowler’s LMS 2P locomotives were based on the older Midland Railway 483 design, which was first introduced during the last years of the Nineteenth Century. The LMS Fowler 2P locomotives, as modelled were introduced in 1928 and was intended for Express Passenger duties and numbered 136 in the Class.The 2P locomotives were to be found operating on the Midland area as well as Scotland, with some others being found on the LNWR system.Locomotive No. 44 which was built at the Derby Works in June 1928 and became part of the S&DJR locomotive stock in the same year. Later, in 1930 the locomotive was transferred to the LMS and was given number ‘633’. In June 1948 the number was changed to ‘40633’ which it maintained until the locomotive was withdrawn from service in November 1959 by which time the locomotive was on shed at 17B Burton. Six months later in May 1960 locomotive ‘40633’ was cutup at the BR Derby Works.

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