Peco RO-4 3 Link Couplings


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0 Gauge Chassis kits and Accessories for scratchbuilders and kit modification. This pack contains sufficient components to assemble four pairs of 3- link couplings. Three-link chain couplings, with no means of drawing the wagons together, were used to form the peculiarly British “loose coupled” freight train: since such trains were not fitted with an automatic through-train braking system there were no pipes to connect between the vehicles. Control of the train was assisted by the guard’s van at the rear of the train, or in certain cases a series of vans spaced along the train, which kept the couplings taut and therefore also helped prevent snapped couplings. Such trains travelled at low speeds and were finally phased out in the 1970s.

Recommended to be used with:

  • PECO 0 Code 124 Setrack and Streamline Code 124 and code 143 Flexible track systems

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