Peco ST-269 2nd Radius Addon Track Unit


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This unit is designed to be used in conjunction with the ST- 266 Radius 1 or ST-263 Radius 3 Level Crossing to convert them to a double track crossing. Setrack Level Crossings can be positioned virtually anywhere on your layout. There are four radii available in curved crossings, plus the straight crossing and add on unit . These simply clip together so that you can cross up to four tracks on a curve and any number of tracks on the straight. They are supplied with traditional gates as standard, LK-51 modern barriers can be substituted if required.

PECO Setrack 00 Gauge Code 100 РUnit trackage System is a high quality rigid unit trackage system suitable for all popular brands of 00 gauge model trains.
Being fully compatible with the Code 100 PECO Streamline range, it need never be discarded as your layout develops.
The solid nickel silver rails are integrally moulded into the sleeper bases for maximum realism and strength. Turnouts are fitted with an over-centre spring for immediate use, no extra levers necessary.

Technical Specification:

  • Radius: 438mm

Recommended to be used with:

  • PECO Setrack 00 Gauge Code 100 – Unit trackage System
  • ST-263 Curved level crossing 3rd radius
  • ST-266 Curved level crossing 1st radius

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