Wills SS89 OO/HO Point Rodding


Product Code: SS89
Manufacturer: Wills
Scale: OO
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Now modellers can recreate the familiar sight of point rodding alongside their track work with this scenic line side kit.
Until now the signal box and turnout has remained mysteriously invisible, but with this item, replicating the real thing has become a possibility.
The subject of point rodding can be a complex one, but our kits break down everything into various components needed,
and allows the modeller to choose a wide variety of configurations suitable for their specific track plan.
The kit contains the following components;
14 crank bases (choice of 3 heights)8 assorted crank arms 2 compensators 2 complete facing point locks with deflector rampsover,
one metre of square section rodding with moulded-in supports.
Kit SS90 is an extension kit, containing another two metres or so of square section rodding with supports.
The parts should be glued together using a proprietary liquid poly cement,
and the whole assembly is best fixed to the baseboard using an impact adhesive BEFORE ballasting the track.
Although moulded in grey plastic, which represents the galvanised steel of the prototype,
the modeller can add a little weathering to help it blend into the scene.
The package includes comprehensive set of assembly notes to help the modeller achieve a realistic model of this common prototype.

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